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Blocked Plumbing Services are your local plumber Bateau Bay. Our specialist blocked drain plumbers can unclog your blocked drains, repair pipes and more, anything to get your water up and running again fast. We have the latest technology and can shred through any blockage to give you clean, flowing water again. We also offer a range of other plumbing services, including hot water system installation, sewer pipe relining, gas fitting and leak detection. If you notice your drains are blocked, please don’t hesitate to call your local Bateau Bay Plumbers. We also provide services in Erina, Gosford, Newcastle, Swansea, Umina Beach, Belmont, Springfield, Saratoga, Lake Haven and other areas. We can clear your pipes fast! For a free quote on your blocked drain, please call us today on 02 4312 7385!

Why Choose Blocked Plumbing Services?

At Blocked Plumbing Services we pride ourselves on delivering an incredible service when you need it most. From the very start of your service, our plumbers will be there to explain what work they’re doing and why. This way you know exactly what you’re paying for. And with free quotes there’s no reason not to call now and get your plumbing fixed properly!

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How Do I Clear a Blocked Drain?

A blocked drain could be caused by many things. Objects could be obstructing the flow of the water, including food waste, plastic or in the worst case, tree roots invading the pipes. The only way to clear the line is to use high pressure, jet blasting equipment, which our team have ready to go. If you’ve got a blocked drain and can’t clear it with a plunger, leave it to the professionals at Blocked Plumbing Services to get your drains unblocked fast.

Our Plumber Bateau Bay Services

blocked drains service

Blocked Drains

Our plumbers can unblock your drains and get them back in perfect working condition. If your drains and pipes themselves are damaged we can repair them as well without any digging.

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emergency plumbing service

Emergency Plumbing

Your pipes aren’t going to wait around until you’re ready when they break. So your plumber shouldn’t either! Get a plumber on the job fast with our emergency plumbing service in Bateau Bay.

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gas fitter service

Gas Fitter

When working with gas piping and appliances, a qualified gas fitter is essential. Our plumbers are experienced gas fitters and can install, repair and service your gas lines safely.

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hot water system service

Hot Water System

If you need a hot water system installed or your existing one serviced or repaired, Blocked Plumbing Services is here to help. We work with gas, electric and solar systems.

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leak detection service

Leak Detection

If you think you have a leak but you’re not sure where it is, our team can come in, find the source and fix it today.

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sewer pipe relining service

Sewer Pipe Relining

Blocks, cracks and leaks are a common phenomenon in pipes. However, instead of replacing the entire pipe with a new one, it can simply be relined. Sewer pipe relining includes relining the inside of the pipe to prevent it from breaking or cracking.

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Fast Emergency Plumber Bateau Bay

If you need a plumber in Bateau Bay, we have a dedicated plumbing team working 24 hours, 7 days a week for our clients on the Central Coast. If there is an emergency plumbing crisis, it is important and needs to be attended to before it escalates. Our team of plumbers in Bateau Bay have attended many sites, from a flooded house, installing a new hot water unit last minute, leaking gas to clogged toilers. They are equipped with the tools and knowledge to fix the problem when they arrive.

Trusted Expert Advice

Check out what our clients have said about our plumbing services, we have provided an affordable price and great advice. Our experienced emergency plumbers in Bateau Bay are trained and knowledgeable technical situations for any plumbing crisis! If you need an emergency plumber Bateau Bay, call us immediately on 0439 596 4246 or 02 4312 7385!

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