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Plumbing emergencies can sometimes end up in total disaster. At a time like this, getting in touch with your local plumber Ourimbah is the best option. At Blocked Plumbing Services, we understand how frustrating plumbing emergencies can be especially when it come to blocked drains. Our team of plumbers are experts in blocked drain plumbing and have dealt with numerous blocked drain cases over the years. We know the foul smell and the absolute mess a blockage can create and that is why are ready to help you get rid of the blockage. Nobody wants to wake up to flooded bathroom caused by a blocked toilet. However, if you do face such a problem, get in touch with us. Our 24-hour emergency service caters to situations like the one mentioned here. We can be there at your location as quickly as possible and get the work done immediately. So, if you feel something is wrong with the toilet in your home and just want to get it checked without there being any physical problem, no worries. Our team will be there, ready to inspect everything thoroughly. It is also important to keep in mind that regular checking of the systems will ensure that you don’t face a problem such as flooded toilets in the future. We also provide services in Swansea, Gosford, Woy Woy, Wyong, Ourimbah, Terrigal, Tuggerah, Maitland, Woongarrah, Lake Haven and other areas. Give us a call on 02 4312 7385 for a free quote!

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At Blocked Plumbing Services we pride ourselves on delivering quality plumbing services when you need it most. You will be informed about the process and the repairs we do every step of the way. This simply ensures that you are aware of what we charge and you know exactly what you’re paying for. We guarantee a 100% workmanship and a special 10% pensioners discount. Our team knows how frustrating plumbing issues can be, which is why even if the job is big and messy, you can still sit back and relax; our team will finish the job quickly and even clean up after ourselves, leaving a spotless house for you. Now there is no need to be ready with your vacuum and mops right after the plumbing job is done, we actually do all the dirty work for you!

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What To Do With A Blocked Drain?

If you have a blocked drain, the worst thing you can do is leave it alone and hope it fixes itself. While this can work occasionally, most of the time it’s only going to get worse and be harder to fix. A blocked drain can even break your pipes and leave you with water damage. If you’ve tried a plunger and other household solutions such as baking soda and vinegar or general purpose drain cleaner, it’s time to call a plumber. Our plumbers have a range of tools that allow us to inspect the problem closely and fix it at its source, ensuring it doesn’t happen again. We can clear out dirt, grime, tree roots and other foreign objects, and even repair your pipes afterwards to ensure they flow freely and cleanly.

Our Plumber Ourimbah Services

blocked drains service

Blocked Drains

We can unblock drains in our sleep and put them back in perfect working condition. Moreover, if the drain does in fact get damaged, we also provide pipe relining to save your pipes without having to replace it all.

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emergency plumbing service

Emergency Plumbing

Emergencies always turn up at the wrong time and need to be dealt with immediately. No need to wait ofr the next day to call an expert plumber in Ourimbah, just get an emergency plumber from Blocked Plumbing Services at any time of the day.

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gas fitter service

Gas Fitter

When working with gas piping and appliances, a qualified gas fitter is essential. Our plumbers are experienced gas fitters and can install, repair and service your gas lines safely.

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hot water system service

Hot Water System

Hot water systems are an important part of everyday life and need to be looked after regularly. Moreover, if you are looking to change your water heater just contact us and we can provide professional advise as to which system will suit your needs. Call us now and get a hot water service today!

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leak detection service

Leak Detection

Damp patches on the wall, weird noises or your front yard is wet without there being any rain in the past few day? These are indications of a hidden water leak in your home. If you discover any of these indications, just get in touch with us and our licensed plumbers will be there for leak detection service to find the root cause of the problem.

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sewer pipe relining service

Sewer Pipe Relining

Blocks, cracks and leaks are a common phenomenon in pipes. However, instead of replacing the entire pipe with a new one, it can simply be relined. Sewer pipe relining includes relining the inside of the pipe to prevent it from breaking or cracking.

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Don’t overlook a plumbing crisis, get it fixed immediately. Our team of expert plumbers are available all day and throughout the week for all our customers on the Central Coast. We have a team of dedicated workers who strive to provide the most efficient services to you. Whether the job is big or small, our plumbers in Ourimbah can clear out any plumbing problems. We can install a new hot water system, take care of leaks and clear out those messy blocked drains. The team is always equipped with the required tools and spare parts to fix any plumbing issues.

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Blocked Plumbing Services provides excellent services at affordable rates. We are a team of highly skilled and qualified professional plumbers and can take care of any plumbing crisis. If you need an emergency service, just give us a call immediately on, 0439 596 424 or 02 4312 7385!

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