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At Blocked Plumbing Services, we employ sewer pipe relining to repair your damaged sewer lines.

Blocked Plumbing Services is your local specialist Relining Plumbers on the Central Coast, Lake Macquarie & Newcastle. We can provide you with long term pipe relining solutions that are quick, effective and mess-free. Sewer and stormwater pipe relining is the new trenchless reline technology that doesn’t require earthworks to recover a broken sewer or stormwater pipe. It is a fast and effective solution for new pipelines on your property.

If you’re dealing with a blocked plumbing system, our team at Blocked Plumbing Services can help. We specialize in leak detection and repairs, so we can quickly identify the source of the problem and get it fixed. We’re here to help you get your plumbing system back up and running as quickly as possible.

What is Sewer Pipe Relining?

Sewer pipe relining is a revolutionary technique used to repair damaged, deteriorating or backed-up sewer pipes without extensive excavation. We insert a new lining into the existing pipe, creating a seamless, durable, long-lasting solution.

Typically in the past, old terracotta pipes or PVC pipes would be dug up then replaced, due to a tree root breaking the pipe or any other permanent blockage. Now, we can repair your pipes with sewer pipe relining, coating the inside of the broken pipe in a new layer of PVC plastic instead of having to replace it completely.

Our gas fitters and plumbers will inspect your line with a CCTV camera to find out how far along the damage is to your pipes and clear the blockage with a high pressure jet blaster. Then the relining equipment will be inserted into the old pipe to create a new patch relines as a replacement or repair sewer or storm water line for your residence. No need for digging! It’s also the fastest way to repair burst pipes, with our experts able to complete jobs in less than a day.

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How Does Sewer Pipe Relining Work?

Sewer pipe relining involves the following:



Our team thoroughly inspect your sewer pipes using CCTV footage to identify the extent and location of the damage.



We clean the pipes with high-pressure water jetting to remove any debris, roots or obstructions that may hinder the relining process.


Lining installation:

We insert a flexible resin-coated liner into the pipe through an existing access point or by creating a small entry point. We expand and cure the liner, creating a new pipe within the old one.


Quality Check:

Once the liner has cured, our professional plumbers perform a final inspection to ensure the relined pipe is seamless and free of defects.

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the best service pipe relining central coast

The Benefits of Sewer Pipe Relining

Sewer pipe relining offers numerous benefits compared to traditional pipe repair methods, including:


The relining process is much quicker than traditional methods, minimising disruption to your daily routine and saving valuable time.

Minimal damage

 Since relining requires minimal excavation, your property’s landscaping remains largely unaffected, preserving its aesthetic appeal.

Trench-less technology

We don’t have to dig up your yard or driveway to get the job done. Pipe relining enables us to come through your existing trenches, rather than digging a new one.

Improved flow

 The smooth interior surface of the relined pipe enhances flow capacity, preventing future blockages and reducing the risk of backups.


Relining eliminates the need for extensive excavation, reducing labour and material costs associated with more traditional repairs.



The new resin lining is highly durable, resistant to corrosion, and lasts up to 50 years, ensuring long-term reliability.

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Am I Eligible for Pipe Relining?

Unlike traditional plumbing solutions, pipe relining can’t always be performed. If a pipe has significantly large internal gaps then the pipe relining solution won’t be able to mould to the sides of the pipe and repair it. If your pipe is too badly damaged to reline, our plumbers  will advise you on an appropriate alternative solution. Explore our other service: rain water tank installation and stormwater drainge

In addition, if you’re in need of hot water system services on the Central Coast, Blocked Plumbing Services is the company to call. We provide many hot water system services, including repair and maintenance, installations, and replacements. We also offer a 24/7 emergency service so that you’re never left without hot water.

Why You Should Choose Blocked Plumbing Services for Sewer Pipe Relining

At Blocked Plumbing Services, we’re committed to delivering exceptional sewer pipe relining services that exceed your expectations. Here’s why you should choose us:

  • Industry expertise — Our professional plumbers have a wealth of experience in sewer pipe relining. With their expertise, we guarantee meticulous workmanship and outstanding results.
  • Cutting-edge technology with a lifetime guarantee — We stay at the forefront of industry advancements by utilising the latest technology and equipment without digging up your yard. From advanced inspection cameras to state-of-the-art relining materials, we always ensure top-quality service. We even provide a lifetime guarantee — that’s how confident we are that our sewer pipe relining is the best solution.
  • Customised solutions — At Blocked Plumbing Services, we refuse to take a one-size-fits-all approach, so we offer customised solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our team will analyse your sewer pipe to provide personalised recommendations and cost-effective options.

Book your sewer pipe relining with the experts at Blocked Plumbing Services

When it comes to sewer pipe relining services, Blocked Plumbing Services is your trusted choice in the Central Coast. Don’t let sewer pipe issues disrupt your daily life — contact our team to experience the difference first-hand.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is pipe relining worth it?

Broken pipe relining is one of the best things you can do for a broken pipe. While not all pipes can be relined, the ones that can benefit greatly from it. Pipes that have deteriorated, been broken into by roots, or simply cracked over time, can be relined, giving them a new PVC inner lining that’s tough and durable. This lining can last for years and years, ensuring your pipes stay in good condition for as long as possible.

How long does Pipe Relining last?

The Pipe Relining is a guaranteed material and the Pipe relining itself will last for years, but is not permanent. If you have Pipe Relining installed in your pipes, it is always a good idea to get regular inspections from a plumber in case of wear or damage that may occur over time.

Is Pipe Relining safe?

Pipe relining is completely safe and one of the most effective ways to repair your pipes. Pipe relining is a non-invasive, chemical-free solution that works by coating the inside of your existing pipes with PVC plastic. Pipe relining doesn’t require any digging or mess for you to maintain, so it’s completely safe and easy to install.

How does Pipe Relining work?

If you have cracked or broken pipes, pipe relining can repair them fast and restore them to like-new condition. Pipe relining services work by coating the inside of a broken pipe with PVC, reinforcing it and ensuring it can’t be broken again anytime soon. By effectively injecting the pipe with plastic we can cover any cracks, block up any gaps, and leave you with stronger, more durable pipes. While we can’t reline all pipes, as some damage will be too large to reline effectively, we can reline all standard pipes, including sewer pipes.

How much does Pipe Relining cost?

The price will depend on the size of the pipe, the complexity of the job, the condition of the pipe, and a wide range of other factors. If you’re concerned about the cost of pipe relining, request a quote and one of our plumbers will come out to your location to assess the damage and provide you with an accurate price.

Does pipe relining reduce the pipe's diameter?

Because of the nature of pipe relining, there is a small decrease in diameter for the pipe. This is usually around 6mm, or half a centimetre. This will not affect the flow of water. In fact, in some cases it can increase the flow of water, creating a new, smooth surface which water will pass through cleanly.

Is pipe relining expensive?

Pipe relining is one of the more cost-effective pipe repair options available for relining drain pipes and relining sewer pipes. Often it is cheaper than a complete price replacement, and is definitely cheaper over time as relined pipes are stronger and more durable than standard pipes, meaning you will need to get your pipes repaired less often.

What's the difference between pipe relining and sewer relining?

There is no difference between pipe relining and sewer relining. The terms are often used interchangeably, same as drain pipe relining and stormwater pipe relining. Pipe relining is a technique used to repair damaged or faulty pipes, and the pipe relining process is the same regardless of what those pipes are made from or what those pipes do.

What is trenchless pipe relining?

Trenchless pipe relining is just another term for no dig pipe relining, or just regular old pipe relining. They all refer to the same service.

Will my home insurance cover pipe relining?

Most home insurance policies won’t include pipe relining. You will need to check with your insurance provider to make sure, but it may come under a separate policy known as sewer insurance, or may not be offered at all.

Pipe relining vs pipe patching

If you’re looking to avoid replacing your pipes completely and still aren’t convinced on pipe relining, pipe patching is your other option. Pipe patching is good for small sections of damaged piping, small cracks, breaks and similar, while relining is often used to tackle larger sections. Depending on the job, your plumber may recommend one over the other. Pipe relining can be more expensive for smaller sections, but overall will usually give you stronger, longer-lasting results.

Pipe relining vs replacement

If you’re struggling to decide between pipe relining and pipe replacement, your plumber should be able to help you out with the pros and cons of both. Pipe replacement is more often offered in cases where there’s significant damage or wear, but it’s also an expensive process that involves removing all existing piping fixtures before installing new ones. It’s usually used as a last resort, as it’s an expensive and involved process that can take a long time to complete depending on the extent of the damage.

Alternatively, pipe relining is excellent for cracked and broken pipes where the majority of the pipe is still intact. It’s faster, cheaper, and more effective to reline pipes if you can instead of replacing them.

What happens if pipe relining goes wrong?

Pipe relining is a tried and tested technique that has been used for decades with a low risk of failure. But with that being said, there’s still always the possibility of unforeseen issues or problems arising, but this is extremely rare. If you’ve had pipe relining work done and your pipes still aren’t working properly, the problem might be caused by defective pipe relining installation. Our team can assess the damage and provide a fix, ensuring your pipe relining works the way it should.

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