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Sewer Pipe Relining

Blocked Plumbing Services is your local specialist Relining Plumbers on the Central Coast, Lake Macquarie & Newcastle. We can provide you a long term solution that is quick, effective and mess free. Sewer and storm water pipe relining is the new trench less reline technology that doesn’t require earthworks to recover a broken sewer or storm water pipe. It is a fast and effective solution for new pipe lines on your property.

What is Sewer Pipe Relining

Typically in the past, old terracotta pipes or PVC pipes would be dug up then replaced, due to a tree root breaking the pipe or any other permanent blockage. Our plumbers will inspect your line with a CCTV camera to find out how far along the damage is to your pipes and clear the blockage with a high pressure jet blaster. Then the relining equipment will be inserted into the old pipe to create a new patch relines as a replacement sewer or storm water line for your residence. No need for digging! It’s also the fastest way to repair burst pipes, with our experts able to complete jobs in less than a day.

Our Relining Service Process



A qualified plumber will come out and inspect the site, assessing the damage using a CCTV drain camera and creating a solution.


Drain Unblocking:

Our plumber will unblock the drain using a high-pressure water jet. This will clear any blockage and ensure the pipe is ready for relining.


Pipe Relining:

Our team can now get to work relining the drain pipe. This will line the pipe with a strong inner lining, repairing it.


Quality Check:

Finally, we check over the whole job to ensure quality. This guarantees the job is done properly and your pipes will work correctly for a long time to come.

What Are The Advantages?


Fast and effective solution


Less mess and non destructive to your land


Trained professional team


Trench-less Technology


Long term solution for repairing sewers and storm water pipes


More cost effective than other solutions

Can I Get Pipe Relining?

Unlike traditional plumbing solutions, pipe relining can’t always be performed. If a pipe has significantly large internal gaps then the pipe relining solution won’t be able to mould to the sides of the pipe and repair it. If your pipe is too badly damage to reline, our plumbers will advise you on an appropriate alternative solution.

Why Choose Blocked Plumbing Services

As blocked drain specialists we have extensive experience working with drain blockages, burst pipes and pipe installations. We know that not every burst pipe has the same solution, and so use a range of advanced tools to create a tailored solution that works. A licensed plumber will inspect your pipes, assess the situation and provide an effective solution with minimal disruption. What’s more, we also offer:


Affordable plumbing


Personalised services


Experienced, friendly plumbers


Guaranteed customer satisfaction

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