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Is your shower drain blocked? While a blocked shower drain might be an indicator of a big problem, it’s often simply hair or soap scum clogging the drain or pipe. Read on to learn what could be blocking your shower drain, how you can unblock it, and what to do if you can’t unblock it. Blocked Plumbing services are your local blocked drain experts. If you’re having trouble with a blocked drain, we’re your one-stop shop for drain unblocking.

Why Do I Have a Blocked Shower Drain?

A blockage in your shower drain could be caused by any number of things, ranging from soap scum to dirt and muck that has come in through a broken pipe. Here are some of the things that could be blocking your drain.


Over a long time, hair can build up and get caught in your shower drain. Most of the time you’ll be able to pull out the blockage by hand, but in the case, the blockage is a little deeper set, you may need to use a wire to fish it out.

Sanitary items

If you’re one to wash paper, baby wipes or other things down the drain, this could be the cause of your blockage. These items can easily get caught in the drain and catch soap, hair and other items, causing a blockage. If you can’t remove it with your hand or by using a wire, you may need to look into a stronger solution.

Broken or Badly Installed Pipes

If you have a broken pipe or badly installed pipes, dirt can make its way into your pipeline, and the cracks make it easier for hair and other things to get caught. Your best option is to get a professional to replace or repair them.

Sediment or Calcium Build Up

Very old pipe can build up sediment over time, lining the walls of the pipe and making them more prone to blockages as the water flow becomes more and more restricted. Clearing this will need special treatment.

How to Unblock a Shower Drain

Occasionally you can unblock your shower drains using items you can find around your home. Boiling water, bicarb soda, and vinegar all break down soap and grime and may help you unblock your pipes with little effort. If none of these fix the blockage, your next best option is to try a dedicated drain cleaning product. These are specially designed to break down soap grime, grease, dirt and more to unblock your drains properly.

After trying drain cleaners, the next thing to try are physical methods. Drain snakes are plumbing tools you can pick up from the hardware store. Their design allows them to be pushed down the drain and used to break up blockages. However, these aren’t a guaranteed fix and you may end up pushing whatever is blocking the drain further down the pipe.

If you’ve exhausted your options and your shower drain is still blocked, it’s time to call a plumber. A professional plumber is obviously going to cost you more than baking soda and vinegar, but many blocked drain plumbers are incredibly affordable these days. Not to mention the fact that they’re going to be able to identify and fix the problem far faster and more completely than most people without plumbing experience.

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