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If you need new taps installed or old ones replaced, Blocked Plumbing Services can get the job done. With years of plumbing experience behind us, our team can install your taps and give you the professional results you’re looking for. We can install any tap for you, from your standard kitchen sink tap to a mixer tap, extendable tap, or even a tap connected to a water filter and purifier. We’ll look at your situation and manage your pipes, connections and tap installation to give you the best possible results. Talk to our team about tap installation today on 02 4312 7385 for a free quote.

Why Get a Licensed Plumber to Install Your Taps?

While many simple taps are easy to install, incorrect installation can lead to major problems down the line. Leaking can lead to mould in your home, or a burst tap can leave you with thousands of dollars of water damage. And with modern taps getting more and more complex, with advanced mixers, taps with chilled or boiling water, and other convenient features, tap installation is now more complicated than ever before.

Our expert plumbers are professionally trained and licensed. We know how to handle any plumbing situation and can guarantee you a high-quality tap installation that will look great and continue to work reliably for years. If you are installing anything more than a basic tap, such as a mixer tap, you are required by law to have a plumbing license. Think twice about attempting DIY installation, as an illegal installation gone bad will not be covered by your insurance either. Always get a licensed Blocked Plumbing Services plumber on the job for tap installation.

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Blocked Plumbing Services’ Guide to Tap Installation

Browse the taps available at your local hardware store and buy the one you like. If you’re not sure which one will be best for your needs, our plumbers can help you decide.

Get a competitive free quote for installation from your local Blocked Plumbing Services plumber.

One of our expert licensed plumbers will come to you, ready to install your tap. We make sure all your fittings and fixtures are in order, will test your tap and can even dispose of your old tap.

Your Friendly Local Plumbers

For more than a decade Blocked Plumbing Services has been providing the Central Coast with professional plumbing services. When it comes to taps, we’re your local experts. We have the knowledge and experience to help you work out which one will best suit your needs and install it for you with lasting results. If you’re not sure which tap is right for you, our plumbers can provide you with all the information you need to make a decision. Call 02 4312 7385 today for a free quote or talk to our team for more information on all things plumbing.

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