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Blocked Plumbing Services provide professional plumbing repairs and installations for strata properties all along the Central Coast. Whether you’re living in strata property, managing property, or you’re the owner, we can provide you with a competitive quote and fast, friendly service. We’ll be there to help no matter what time it is, with service available for all plumbing jobs. With our expert plumbers, you’re guaranteed to get lasting results. In fact, we offer a 100% workmanship guarantee to give you complete peace of mind. Call us today on 02 4312 7385 for a quote.

Strata Plumbing: Who Is Responsible?

If you live in, manage or own strata property, dealing with plumbing issues can become more complicated than usual. Not by much, but just enough to cause confusion. The cause for confusion mainly lies in determining who is responsible for paying for the plumbing work, as depending on the job either the unit owner or the property owner will have to foot the bill. The general rule is that any plumbing issues inside the property are the unit owner’s responsibility, while anything outside, in common areas, is left to the property owner. There are exceptions, however, as plumbing issues aren’t always isolated and can cause problems for everyone living in a strata property.

For example, while most blocked drain plumbing will need to be paid for by the unit owner, floor and underground drains, such as your shower or sewer drain, may be the responsibility of the property owner. This is because underground pipes often run between units and it can be hard to determine who caused the blockage. This rule also applies to burst pipes, where pipes that affect more than one property are the property owner’s responsibility.

If you’re not sure who will be required to pay for a plumbing job, our plumbers will be able to provide the information you need to be sure. Our team has years of experience working on strata plumbing, and will be more than happy to help.

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Our Strata Plumbing Services

We offer all our standard plumbing services for strata properties, as we can modify and tailor our services to meet your needs. If you’re having trouble with a burst pipe, blocked drain or a broken water main, or team will quickly identify the cause of the issue and provide the repairs you need. We also offer installations, quickly installing taps, water heaters, showers, baths and more. Our strata plumbing services include:

Blocked Drain Repairs

Emergency Plumbing

Gas Fitting

Plumbing Installations

Hot Water Installation and Repair

Pipe Relining


Leak Detection

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If you’ve got a plumbing problem on your hands, Blocked plumbing Services can have a plumber out to your location fast to provide you with a complete plumbing solution. We’ll assess the problem and provide you with a cost-effective fix that’s guaranteed to last the distance. No matter where you are on the Central Coast, our team can be there when you need us most. Call us today on 02 4312 7385 for a quote.

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