Blocked Stormwater Drain


Is your stormwater drain blocked? A blocked stormwater drain can cause major problems if left unfixed. While a stormwater drain should be able to handle any amount of water, a blockage can cause water, mud and debris to back up, causing flooding, water damage and more. Talk to the team at Blocked Plumbing Services today. With years of experience behind us and the skills to match, we have all the tools we need to unblock your stormwater drain fast and stop the damage from escalating. Call now on 02 4312 7385 for a quote.

Emergency Plumbing Services

If you have a blocked drain, your best option is to get it fixed fast. Leaving it for too long can result in further damage, meaning costly repairs and additional problems. Blocked Plumbing Services offer emergency plumbing repairs. We can be there when you need us to a fast and effective plumbing solution, repairing your stormwater drains and preventing further damage. Call us now for a quote.

What’s Blocking My Stormwater Drain?

There could be any number of things blocking your stormwater drain, from a tree root to a general build-up of grime and debris. Regardless of what it is, our expert plumbers can identify the cause and unblock your drain. We have a range of tools designed to unblock drains and keep them that way. Using CCTV drain cameras we can identify the cause of the blockage quickly, and work out exactly where it is. Then with high pressure water jets we cut through roots, grime, dirt, sediment and debris to clear out the drain and ensure it stays that way for a long time. Some of the common causes of drain blockages include:

Tree Roots

Most storm drain blockages are caused by tree roots breaking in. Roots are drawn to the water in the pipes, breaking through and causing dirt and other debris to mix in.

Broken or Damaged Pipes

A broken pipe can quickly cause a blockage if left unfixed. If the pipes have degraded to the point of collapse or have been broken externally, our plumbers can get them fixed fast.

Objects and Debris

Over time some stormwater drains can become clogged with sticks, stones, dirt, leaves and garbage that ends up in gutters. Our plumbers can clear this debris fast and ensure blockages happen less.

General Lack of Maintenance

Keeping your home’s gutters clear of leaves and sticks is not only important for bushfire season, but will keep that debris out of your stormwater drains and prevent blockages.

Bad Installations or Repairs

If a previous plumber has done a bad job, this can manifest as a blocked drain. Collapsed pipes, misaligned plumbing, bad joints and more can all cause debris that would normally pass through to catch and cause a blockage.

Get Your Stormwater Drains Unblocked Today

Blocked Plumbing Services are your local plumber. Based on the Central Coast, we have years of experience providing professional plumbing services. We’re dedicated to providing outstanding customer service, offering competitive prices and free quotes on standard jobs. Book now and we’ll have a plumber out to your door fast, ready to help you with any plumbing problem you have. Call now on 02 4312 7385 for a quote or more information and book a plumber today.

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